Strategic Goals


1.1 To make the tax system scientific and predictable by making legal and structural reforms.

1.2 To expand the scope of tax by identifying new areas of tax and to reduce the tax rate.

1.3 To establish electronic tax record system at the state level including local levels.

1.4 To formulate necessary policies and laws regarding the taxes to be levied at the state and local level from the constitution and prevailing laws.


2.1 To formulate necessary policies, laws, procedures and directives for continuous improvement of tax administration.

2.2 To make the tax administration efficient and accurate by conducting O&M survey and to manage the tax collection and reporting system electronically by increasing the capacity of the manpower involved in tax administration.


3.1 To allocate budget by determining the priority order of plans and programs on the basis of certain indicators To prepare Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and determine the priority of periodic plan.

3.2 To discourage non-budgetary expenditure.

3.3 To make the procurement process transparent and economical by fully complying with the rules and regulations related to public procurement.

3.4 To formulate necessary laws related to good financial governance and budget discipline.

3.5 To formulate and operate the budget through Provincial Line Ministry Budget Information System (PLMBIS) and to gradually expand the Provincial Treasury Single Account (PTSA) at all local levels. 


4.1 To prepare project bank by identifying the areas of competitive advantage and to encourage the indigenous private and cooperative sector to invest in those areas.

4.2 To involve the private sector in development programs by improving the policy and legal framework related to Public Private Partnership.

4.3 To attract cooperative / private banks and financial companies and cooperative sector in entrepreneurship development, agriculture, livestock development, market management and diversification at the local level and increase the saving capacity of the citizens.

4.4 To gradually develop the economy of this province as a digital economy by encouraging all the citizens within the province to open bank accounts.


5.1 To prepare inventory of investable projects to attract foreign investment within the state.

5.2 To make necessary policies, legal and structural reforms to facilitate foreign investment in coordination with the Federal Government.

5.3 To mobilize foreign aid with the consent of the Federal Government by identifying areas and schemes in need of foreign aid.


6.1 Establish an integrated information system of conditional grants, financial equalization grants, special and supplementary grants to be provided to the local levels by the state government to keep track of funds disbursement, expenditure progress and budget dedication.

6.2 To make it objective and scientific by increasing the scope by conducting necessary study, research on the cars to be collected and spent by the state by fixing the tax rate at the local level.