Functional Areas

As per the Province Government (Work-Division) Regulation, 2074, the following are the responsibilities of this Ministry:

1. Analysis of the economic condition of the state and formulationimplementation and regulation of economic policy 

2. Distribution of state level financial resourcesinvestment projection and financial management 

3. Formulationimplementation and regulation of state level economic stability and price stability policy 

4. Receiptutilizationaccounting and reporting of foreign aidforeign loans and grants with the approval of Central Government

5. On the consolidated details of the government property in the state and the data and collection of the remaining government amount

6. Formulationimplementation and monitoring and evaluation of state level development policy priorities periodic and sectoral plans and annual development programs.   

7. Coordination of national and inter-province development projects and utilization of conditional grants

8. Formulationimplementation and regulation of province revenue related policies and laws 

9. Formulationimplementation and regulation of province public expenditure policy and local level grants 

10. Co-financing in line with federal policy

11. Formulationimplementation and regulation of policies and laws related to state economic procedures 

12. Provincial Appropriation Act and provincial budget formulationimplementationregulation and financial discipline  

13. Operation and management of state accumulated fund and state account control and management

14. Regarding state supplementary estimates and advance expenditure and state contingency fund

15. Accounting management of state government investment and dividends

16. Provincial appropriationrevenuepledgeoperational funds and other public funds and property details and integrated audit   

17. Formulation, implementation and regulation of policies and laws related to real estate registration fee, vehicle tax, entertainment tax, advertisement tax, tourism fee, agricultural income tax, service fee, collection of fees and penalties

18. Collectionregulation and transfer of royalties and fees derived from natural resources in accordance with federal law 

19. Formulationimplementation and regulation of provincial policies laws and standards related to revenue leakage control  

20. Intergovernmental financial contactsrelations and cooperation with the association 

21. Formulationimplementation and regulation of provincial policieslawsstandards and plans on statisticsinformation systems and records management and cooperation with the union and local levelcoordinating cooperation       

22. Operationmanagementpromotion and expansion and regulation of sick insurance business  

23. Operationmanagementimprovement and regulation of state level public institutionsfinancial institutionscommitteesestablishments and companies etc.     

24. Coordination and cooperation with privatecooperative and non-governmental sectors in economic development